Project Antoch was a Mayet Confederacy colonization mission founded in order to colonize the Milky Way galaxy.

To the general public, the project's objective is to explore and colonize the Milky Way. However, there was a secret second objective: the preservation of Large Magellanic Cloud's races and cultures. Fearing that the inevitable war between the Mayet Confederacy and the Xaius Empire would be the end of all in their home galaxy, the Senate of the Mayet Confederacy desired to safeguard a portion of the galaxy's population by sending millions of colonists to the Milky Way.

Numerous ships were constructed for this venture. The flagship, the Idanna, contained the leadership of the Project as well as equipment meant to terraform planets. The Arks each contained hundreds of thousands to millions of colonists as well as gene banks containing the DNA of numerous animal and plant life in the Large Magellanic Cloud.